Use Of Virtual Reality For The Development Of Digital Tourism

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Virtual Reality (VR) is making a comeback after its birth and decline in the 1990s. Now, it is currently in development to become the “next big thing”. As VR is growing to become a spectacle, the question of whether or not it will be beneficial to society has risen up as well. Some people believe that VR will just be another form of entertainment, but the achievements VR has made prove otherwise. VR has proven thus far to be beneficial to society in that it will provide assistance to the economy, medical practices, and support society’s push into the future through its wide range of abilities and its development of new approaches to learning. The opportunities brought by VR should be recognized, for it will soon become an important part of our society.
Firstly, VR would benefit society by providing means of economic gain. In an article titled “Key Techniques of Virtual Reality for the Development of Digital Tourism,” there is evidence that VR could support the digital tourism market. “By appealing to vision, hearing, and maybe even other senses, the perception of scenes allows users to better approximate reality” (Liu). Through VR, the digital tourism market will be able to create online virtual tours, advertise, and reveal attractions in a realistic sense. Taking advantage of this idea would create new opportunities for the tourist market, because technology is a trend in social development and tourism is a growth point for certain national economies. Combining the two
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