Use of Alternative Medicines

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Overview Alternative medicine has its roots in old traditions and myths. Some people think its absurd to use alternative medicines to treat illnesses, especially chronic conditions. But research as proven that alternative medicine, at times, can be just as effective at relieving health problems than traditional medicine. There is even evidence it does it better because of the lack of side effects. "Pharmaceutical companies have designer drugs that reduce inflammation to help relieve pain and often cause significant side effects. The ingredients for homemade remedies can be purchased at grocery and health food stores and many may already be stocked in your pantry, offering significant savings over costly pharmaceutical drugs."(Easy homemade remedies relieve arthritis and joint pain 2012) For the purposes of this proposal, we'll be looking at acupuncture, yoga, and herbal remedies to see how effective they are against disease and chronic illness. Research Question/Hypothesis Does Alternative medicine hold any merit in terms of relieving or curing health conditions, especially chronic health problems? Overall Objective To prove that alternative medicine can indeed be used as a form of treatment for illnesses, even chronic illnesses. Specific Aims/Timeline To focus on methods that have been tested in effectiveness to treat illness and chronic problems. For each section approximately 1 hour for every part which includes Acupuncture, Yoga, and herbal remedies. It would
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