Use of Cellphones While Driving Should be Banned

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Don't text and Drive The problem that came with the popularization of the use of cell phones while driving solicits both ethical as well as legal questions. However, among the many arguments that have been experienced, the bottom-line is that every time a driver picks up the mobile phone to use in whichever form, the lives of those both in the car and outside the car are edged closer to danger than before. Thesis To prevent car accidents, people should stop texting while driving. The use of the cell phones while driving has been noted to be a cause of several accidents within many states and have been found responsible for more accidents that those caused by drunk-driving in some states. Due to this, many states have now legislated several laws that are geared towards ensuring that the safety of the passengers and pedestrians are equally secured by banning the use of cell phones while driving. Of greater concern is the issue of texting while driving as it causes much more distraction on the part of the driver than talking on the cell phone while driving. It is noteworthy that the higher the distractions, the higher the chances of the driver causing accidents, or even, causing fellow drivers to cause accidents. Tom and Ray Magliozzi (n.d) indicate that the drivers who use cell phones while driving have four times higher chances of causing an accident as compared to the drivers who choose not to use the mobile phone while driving. This is closely paralleled with
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