Use of Drugs in School Essay example

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Use of Drugs in School

Kids of all ages are aware of and trying drugs. Most kids feel they have to join in to fit in, when a better solution would be to tell someone who can help. As children we are taught not to tell on one another or we are a tattletale or snitch. We need to stop the drug use before it stops our children. We need the kids to tell us where it is coming from and how we can help.

Parents today know all too well how unsafe our schools are. All you have to do is turn on the news and there seems to be a story about violence in schools and how it is drug related. One of the largest contributors to juvenile violence and delinquency is the use of drugs. If it were as easy as just taking it away, we would see
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One man with the knowledge but not the strength to do something about it caused several individuals to loose their lives.

If we teach our children to just sit back and watch instead of speaking up when they know something is wrong, they may as well be watching their friends die. When our children see something they know is not right, they will inevitably stop and ask themselves, is it worth it to tell? What they mean by is it worth it is; will their friends turn on them? Will they be called names? Will they get in trouble? If they did not have to worry about all of that then there might not be such a drug problem in schools today. There are groups such as peer mediators that offer support for the students. If that support meant having someone on your side and believing what you are doing is the right thing then they might be willing to turn to that group for advice and help. If the consequences were all gone and support was abundant, then the children who are strong could step forward and say "something is wrong here", and everyone would listen with good intention.

When we teach our children early in life that nobody likes a tattletale we are teaching them that standing up and speaking when something is wrong is not acceptable in our society. If the drugs that are going around the schools are being given to the children by their parents, then someone knows about it and should

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