Use of Fetal Tissue Research to Cure/Treat Neurological Disorder

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Use of Fetal Tissue Research to Cure/Treat Neurological Disorder

The assertion that brain equals behavior brings up many questions and concerns. I am currently most concerned by the effects of physical damage to the brain. Although we have concluded that behavior is based at the lowest level upon the workings of neurons, it is the actual integration of these neurons that account for behavior. Any damage done to the brain either by disease or other disorders can result in a direct change in not only behavior but also personality and our very concept of self. These are things that are very important to us as human beings and are important to be able to treat or cure such disorders. Because a "network" of neurons acting together directs
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Fetal material is used primarily because it has not yet completely undergone the specialization that adult tissue has. The primary fetal cells used for research are called stem cells that are capable of growing and specializing. The hope that most researchers have is that this transplanted tissue will specialize into cells that can regrow or replace missing or damaged tissue in the patient. Unfortunately, the tissue, especially that used in the research for Parkinson's disease, does not survive for very long in it's new host. However, for a short time after the transplantation symptoms decrease or even reverse themselves.

Although most research has showed that this idea has the potential to work, many people oppose it because of ethical questions. They fear that the number of planned abortions will increase because mothers will feel better about having an abortion if the fetus's cells are being used to save someone else's life. There is also the fear of a black market forming for fetal tissue; people would pay women to become pregnant and then abort the fetus. Due to the heavy political side of science, research has been slowed or even stopped in many areas. It was very difficult to find scientific sites about fetal tissue transplant research due to the overwhelming number of religious sites opposing it. The opposition posts thousands of sites talking down the
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