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Use of Force Use of Force Serena R. Smith Grand Canyon University JUS 515 Use of Force Use of Force One night, a small-town patrol officer stops a car driven by two teenagers. The officer believes that one of them might be responsible for a string of recent burglaries. The teens are questioned, and the officer becomes angry at their responses. Over the objections of the teenagers, both teens are pulled out of the car and shoved around a little. They are both told that they are under arrest and the officer begins to place handcuffs on them. Both fight back and both are beaten badly (Bruno, 2010). The question is what legal recourse is available to the families of the teens if any? Let me first start by discussing the use of…show more content…
Now that I have discussed the use of force and whether it is excessive or not I will begin to answer the original question posed. Does the family of the teens have any legal recourse available to them, and if so what is available to them? The answer to this is yes the families definitely have legal recourse available to them for a number of reasons. The first mistake the officers made was pulling over the teens because they “thought” they might have been involved in a recent string of burglaries. That right there is a violation of the teens’ Fourth Amendment to have probable cause to stop them in the first place. Police officers have to have probable cause or more than a “hunch” to pull someone over. The scenario said nothing about the car was pulled over because maybe a witness saw the car leaving the scene of the crime, or maybe the officer had a description of the suspect and they matched it, he just thought they might be involved. Secondly, they did question the teens and because of their responses the officer becomes angry and pulls the teens out of the car. The officer had no right to pull the teens out of the car because of what they said.

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