Use of Gibbs' Reflective Model

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Introduction This reflective essay discusses a clinical incident that took place during my shit at work. I use this reflective model to discuss how I have attained the necessary competence level in my nursing practice. The reflective model is Gibbs model. The model incorporates description feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and an action plan. I will apply it to the essay to help critical thinking. The essay includes the knowledge underpinning health care practice as well as the importance of experience and intuition. The essay reflects on an incident that occurred while I was working in one of the orthopedic wards. I have chosen this incident as my first clinical emergency experience. I therefore researched related topics and my knowledge within this area developed. Description The patient was admitted to the orthopedic ward of this local community hospital due to advanced rheumatoid arthritis that caused joint pain, stiffness, and swelling. The situation had left the patient with severe disabilities and he relied on cares for all his daily functions. The patient had a total hip replacement to remove the diseased part. Four days after the surgery, the patient became very sick during my shift. He showed signs of discomfort, acute pain and became was quite vocal about it. I conducted a close observation of the patient's situation and the noticed very high body temperatures and a leaking wound at the hip from surgery. In addition, the observation also revealed
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