Use of Glucometer

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DESCRIPTION: In this paragraph I would describe that event during mentoring a student on her third year in Endoscopy Unit. For the sake of confidentiality pseudonyms shall be used. I shall call him Mr D. Mr D was a patient on Endoscopy having Gastroscopy. This gentleman has a history of Diabetes and an Insulin Dependent Diabetic. Called Mr D into the admission room to clerk patient in halfway through the admission. Mr D said he is not feeling very well. I stopped the admission asked the student to go and get me the glucometer machine from the recovery area. I checked Mr D observations all were in normal range. On the student return to admission room I asked the student if she had performed the blood sugar reading before. She…show more content…
Although I knew the student has gained knowledge about glucose testing I supported her and observed her performance for the next patient that needs blood glucose check which she did well. ANALYSIS: As a mentor with a continuous support and guidance of my student performing a task can help lessen her anxiety and fears. One of the most important in developing students decision making is that a role model. Morton-Cooper and Palmer (2000) suggested by being a role model the mentor provides an observable image of imitation, demonstrating skills and qualities for the mentee to emulate. The student believe that this task help her to identify her role as a nurse as this is activity to nursing. CONCLUSION: The foundation of being a good mentor is building a good working relationship, use of good communication and active listening skills with the student (Walsh 2010). Spending time doing session and day by day working with my students is rewarding because I have seen my student grown her confidence and she learnt new skills that she can apply in her future career. ACTION PLAN: Students need more supervision and practice when performing clinical skills. The mentor need to give knowledge, ask questions and answers from students on how to prepare the patient and use equipment; on how to obtain a suitable sample. How to prepare the skin cleaning.
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