Use of Language in A View from the Bridge

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Use of Language in A View from the Bridge

Examine Miller’s use of language and dramatic devices in helping the audience to understand the themes of A View From The Bridge

Arthur Miller is regarded as a great dramatist and he explores the life struggles of an ordinary man against authority and insurmountable odds and in ‘A View From The Bridge’ he uses many dramatic devices and enigmatic themes to help the audience understand the play. Some of the main themes are jealousy, love, law, justice and social class.

The play opens with Alfieri’s thoughtful analysis of the situation in
Red Hook. Alfieri is a sympathetic and an educated lawyer and ‘And when I saw him walk through my door, I knew why I had waited’ clearly
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The wife of Eddie, Beatrice is a loving and caring character. She is often a mediator when Eddie’s aggressiveness causes intimidating situations also, when she feels the occasion demands she can be quite assertive. Quietly, she takes control and is the one who warns Eddie that his relationship with Catherine is not acceptable and she also warns Catherine that she is contributing to Eddie’s infatuation. By asking questions and making statements that force Catherine to confront some uncomfortable truths about her relationship with Eddie.
Beatrice does not want to hurt Catherine but she is insistent. She asks Eddie ‘when am I going to be a wife again?’ and indicates he’s not behaving like a proper husband. She knows her rights as a wife and is not going to let Eddie ignore them. She wants to recreate sanity in their household and she wants to pull Eddie back from danger by rising above any situation created by Eddie also, she is the one going to be there to comfort him.

Catherine is lively and open young woman and she is eager to experience the world and she has had no real experience until Rodolfo enters into her life. She is used to being secured by Beatrice and
Eddie. She knows Eddie as a ‘fatherly-figure’ and is horrified when
Beatrice suggests there might be more to the bond between her and
Eddie than she realizes. She takes sides against Eddie and she is appalled by Eddie’s actions when he betrays Marco and Rodolfo. This
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