Use of Language in Immigration

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1.0 Introduction
American society has developed as a result of continued waves of immigration. It therefore seems logical that Americans should have positive attitudes towards immigration. Immigration allows for sharing of ideas and cultures within society. However, in recent years, the trend of undocumented immigration has taken an effect on the economic and social development of American society. During the debates in the fun up to the 2013 elections, the democrat and republican candidates are finding themselves locked over divisive opinions on the issue. This paper discusses the effects of language in immigration rhetoric on the perception held by people about immigration. Different words presented to the public in different ways (positive or negative) imply their own meanings.
2.0 Stereotyping and Negative Attitudes about Immigrants
The use of language with reference to this phenomenon has potential for influencing social attitudes towards immigrants and is therefore being discussed on the media. According to Bennion, the use of the term alien is the acceptable way to describe foreigners who have entered the United States without proper documentation. The use of terms like illegal immigrants or undocumented immigrants is erroneous because it acknowledges their status as immigrants. In addition, the use of terms such as illegal is also better avoided. Such terms are loaded with negativity and are likely to build negative
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