Use of Minimally Invasive Techniques in Psychological Studies

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Introduction- Invasive naturally means entering the body by cutting or inserting an instrument. In this case we are talking about how is it essential to use invasive technique’s to move further and faster in the world of Psychological studies. Studies have proved that by using invasive techniques it has changed the world of psychology because it gives researchers and experimenters a wider view on the brain. Many hospitals around the globe are still using invasive techniques mostly known as open surgery because many people can heal from this operation or surgery. This is because small incisions are made not one large one. It is still quiet common to use invasive techniques because it is easier to remove any type of sickness such as…show more content…
Psychologists mainly look into invasive techniques to study the mind and discover new parts of the brain, and its functions. By doing this they can study cognitive level of analysis (CLOA). With saying this there are many ethical issues that has to be taken into consideration before performing any type of research. Because when researchers do an experiment that involves invasive techniques (open surgery) these techniques could damage the brain tissue, removing parts of the brain or it could even leave scarring (lesioning). All these points are considered unethical because, the potential harm to the human is not determined. If any damaged is caused to the person it is not determined to what extent it would go to and if it could be reversed. It could cause pain for the person or participant and it affect his or her everyday life. Lesion: when talking about lessioning there aren’t as many ethical issues because it had been established in 1824 and is still being used because the techniques main purpose was to remove any dieses that is in the brain or any cancerous tumours. By saying it wasn’t as safe as it is now than what it used to be in 1824 when it was first established because the tool they used to cut out these dieses and tumours was knife and the skill of using this tool was dangerous however these days researchers have the right tools and instruments to cut out the dieses and
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