Use of Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy During The Great Recession

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How can monetary policy and fiscal policy greatly influence the US economy? Keynesian economics says, “A depressed economy is the result of inadequate spending .” According to Keynesian the government intervention can help a depressed economy through monetary policy and fiscal .The idea established by Keynes was that managing the economy is a government responsibility . Monetary policy uses changes in the quantity of money to alter interest rates, which in turn affect the level of overall spending . “The object of monetary policy is to influence the nation’s economic performance, as measured by inflation”, the employment rate and the gross domestic product, an aggregate measure of economic output. Monetary policy is controlled by…show more content…
Aggregate spending refers to consumer purchases, business and housing investment, government purchases of goods and services and exports net of imports . This is the second way to add up GDP. The Federal Reserve uses monetary policy to stimulate aggregate demand by expanding money supply and lowering interest rates, which increases households and firms’ desired spending. Expansionary fiscal policy uses changes in taxes and government spending to affect overall spending. The fiscal and Monetary step taken in the last 18 months by the U.S. Federal Reserve, The U.S. Treasury Dept., The U.S. congress and the Presidents Bush and Obama were to help stabilize the U.S. economy. The policy response from the G.W. Bush is that there are three main parts to the fiscal policy stimulus. An individual tax that the Internal Revenue service sent out started in mid-2008. There were two business provisions that encourage investment during 2008 by increasing limits on expensing investment costs and accelerate depreciation of qualifying investments. The specific steps taken in early 2008 were the home owner purchases rebate and tax cuts. Obama presidencies after September 2008 financial crisis is as follows: Government spending expands automatically in recessions with the increase in unemployment insurance, welfare benefits, and other transfers to the jobless and the poor . Normally to hasten recovery include additional tax cuts to
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