Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
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Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive Behavior-Therapy
Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive-Behavior Therapy can be found in the Journal of Psychology and Christianity. The author, Stan Yang-Tan, covers the apposite use of applying prayer and scripture to the 30-year-old process of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) (p.101). With an array of psychological disorders, the availability of treatments is generous. However, CBT is methodically supported for the treatment of many psychological disorders. Through a purposeful integration of morality, Yang-Tan illustrates the life-changing power of prayer
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My interest in researching how to Implicitly Integrate prayer and scripture in therapy peaked upon realizing the explicit integration appears to be more approachable. I do not want to limit my own competency, nor the benefit of the client. Gaining knowledge and skill in applying a method that is not as commonly used as Explicit Integration Therapy opens the window to use subtle biblical emphasis without the client feeling bombarded or perturbed.

In a counseling career, I intend to rely on God as the sole means for guidance and understanding from the author of understanding, guidance, and counseling. Although I plan to use more explicit integration, I will always start the session with a new client by assessing the client and determining the necessity of prayer and scripture. Upon establishing the history, faith, spiritual practices, problems, and goals, I will take into account all information, and choose an approach suitable for the client. Although prayer and scripture offer healing and understanding, it is not necessary to use in each session.
I would love to openly offer to use prayer and scripture through Explicit Integration, as this method is more aligned with direct healing and application from God. I want to help identify the exact needs of clients and seek the supplemental scripture to help work through the given circumstances. For instance, a client may need to find the balance of taking
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