Essay on Use of Sex in Advertising

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The use of sex in advertising may create unrealistic ideals for men regarding women, however, it is a powerful tool for selling products. Through the years advertisers have shown through their advertisements that sex does sell products. Especially when selling to the male viewers. Sex is the second strongest of the psychological appeals, right behind self-preservation, and its strength is biological and instinctive, the genetic imperative of reproduction (Taflinger). Sexual desire is an instinctive reaction in animals, and a person?s perception of a suitable mate is the basis (Taflinger). That perception is usually a set of criteria that the opposite sex must meet, and those that meet and exceed those criteria will provide the chance for…show more content…
For instance, when you look at commercials or ads for tools or so-called man food, all you see is half naked women promoting the product. One specific example is energy drink commercials. Many energy drink commercials have girls dressed in bathing suits (or other skimpy clothes) running around, dancing, or doing some kind of activity to somewhat show how these energy drinks work. And although these women are performing some kind of energy using activity, it is there sex drive that attracts men to these products and what makes them so popular. Like Taflinger says, men consider her beautiful because, to a man, beautiful and sexually attractive are virtually synonymous. Therefore, it is easy for advertisers to get a man?s attention by using women?s bodies and associate getting the woman with buying the product. The advertiser is playing on his instinctive rather than intellectual view of the world, thus the ad spends no time discussing her qualifications for sexual desire and her mere existence is enough (Taflinger). Moreover, most men are aware that women are less concerned with mere anatomy, since they are looking for more, thus advertising can show the woman and sell the product on the basis of ?women want this product in a man. Get the product, get the woman? (Taflinger). The use of sex in advertising to women is much more
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