Use of Standardized Testing

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Use of Standardized Testing: In the past several years, standardized testing has been increasingly used as the most meaningful method for evaluating students but is it accurate indicator of student performance? Standardized testing can be described as the use of tests that are managed, scored, and understood in a predetermined, standard way. There are two main kinds of standardized tests that are widely used in schools i.e. standardized aptitude and standardized achievement tests. The aptitude tests are used to provide predictions regarding the performance of a test taker in a successive setting. On the contrary, the achievement tests are designed to predict the effective acquisition of knowledge and certain skills by a test taker. While students' score on aptitude tests are sometimes used in a school evaluation system, the most typical ones that determine a school's success are achievement tests. One of the major concerns of the use of standardized testing is whether the practice can be so prevalent yet so mistaken or inappropriate. Standardized testing is inaccurate because it lacks reliability, fairness, and objectivity, its expensive, highly demanding, and instructionally insensitive despite contrary opinions. Should Standardized Testing be used to Assess Students? The use of standardized testing has become a major part of the American education system for many decades to evaluate educational quality. Actually, standardized tests have largely been used in college
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