Use of Statistics in Our Life

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Theoretical questions Explain the use of statistics in our life and specifically for in your job The compilation and analysis of statistical data plays a part in our daily lives, quite often permeating various aspects of our everyday experiences without our notice. For instance, most of us take notice of the daily odds that enter into predicting the weather. Like many sciences, meteorology will employ ranges and percentages to predict a spectrum of possibilities within a limited set of parameters. This allows for the evaluation of figures projecting likely temperature ranges, amounts of precipitation or storm trajectories, among quite a great many other possibilities. Other areas of everyday life impacted or clarified by statistics are those which relate to the daily happenings of the stock market, the evaluation of athletic talent in amateur or professional sports and political polling. Within the context of my work, I have also noted the critical importance of statistical assessment in gauging such features as employee satisfaction, in conducting resource planning and in projecting the company's future financial performance based on existing indicators and available data. Discuss the issue of ethics in Statistics Ethical control is a critical element of compiling trustworthy statistics. Particularly, in the gathering and evaluation of statistics, it is necessary to retain a degree of scientific objectivity such that personal bias cannot impact the nature of

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