Use of Steroids by Athletes Essay

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A survey was presented to 198 U.S athletes with the following scenario. You are offered a banned performance enhancing substance that comes with two guarantees: 1) You will not be caught. 2). You will win every competition you enter for the next five years and then you will die from the side effects of the substance. Would you take it? More than half the athletes said yes. As we can infer from the above survey, a large number of professional athletes are willing to risk their lives for the chance of victory and recognition.

The controversy of doping in sports is centered on the use of drugs to increase speed, strength, intensity and endurance. Various sports regulating bodies such as the International Olympic Committee have
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Many Chinese athletes have been disqualified for illegal drug use. Similarly, a number of U.S athletes have admitted to using these drugs. Steroids have been found in athletes engaged in a variety of sports, including swimmers, golfers, baseball players, boxers, hockey players, and body builders (Burnsytn 234).

Anabolic steroids have been proven to have serious adverse health effects. Researchers have linked extensive use of these drugs to liver damage, coronary heart disease, and congestive heart failure. Anabolic steroids cause testicular atrophy and breast enlargement in males and menstrual cycle difficulties and body-hair growth in women. In addition, athletes who use anabolic steroids may exhibit aggressive behavior, mood swings, and explosive tempers (Etzen 64).

Besides the concern about safety, the doping controversy is centered on the issue of fair play. Opponents argue that athletes who use performance-enhancing substances have an unfair advantage. Many athletes choose to train and compete with nothing more than hard work and determination. For many of us, this is the way sport is meant to be. However, some athletes choose to gain an advantage over others by using substances that are banned. These athletes do not consider what they are doing to be wrong because these substances are available to everyone on the black market, so anyone can use them. Thus,
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