Use of Technology for Curriculum and Instruction Essay

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”Technology should not drive the curriculum; the curriculum should drive the technology,” says Angers (2004). One may ask what does this mean. Simply put, it means that the curriculum should dictate how technology will be used in the classroom. The purpose of this paper is to explain how to infuse technology into the curriculum, and the effect of technology on curriculum design. In order to add technology to the curriculum, technology must be available for use. To be available for use, the technology has to be placed in the classroom by someone – that someone usually being someone from Information Technology (IT). Therefore, collaboration with IT will be required when implementing technology into the curriculum. However, before IT…show more content…
Incorporating technology into the curriculum will also require the aid of the finance department and the board of directors. The finance department will have to approve the funds allocated to incorporating technology. Purchasing computers is not the only expense. Computers have to be repaired, software has to be installed and updated, and additional hardware may be needed in order for the equipment to be fully functional. Newburyport Public Schools (2011) indicated that when setting up their budget, it included the following: teachers and support staff, the actual equipment being integrated, hardware, software, staff development, technology support, and other contracted services. Once a budget has been set, it all must be approved by the board of directors. Therefore, when developing a technology plan it requires the collaboration of several different departments. Involving other departments in the technology plan is not an option it is a requirement. This author believes that the best way to include other department is to include them in the planning phase. Each department can be represented on the planning committee. If each department is included in the planning, each department can give its department’s prospective on the technology plan. The finance department can explain how much money is available for the project or how additional funds can be raised. A lead teacher will be able to provide prospective
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