Use of Technology in Election Campaigns

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Role of Internet in 2008
Social media
Social media played a vital role in 2008 U.S. President Elections. Using of Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, You tube was adapted by the political parties and influenced them to use social media in order to reach people effectively in U.S.
Presidential Elections in 2008 has changed the way of campaigning and expressing effectively. Digital technology allowed leaders to interact with voters, transforming the campaigning totally into a new level. Both the lead contenders Barack Obama and John McCain engaged with people by using Social media. But there were many apparent discrepancies between Obama’s use and his opposition use of social media as their medium to communicate with people.
Obama’s use of Social media in 2008 election campaign can be compared to former President John F. Kennedy’s use of television. Besides using email and website, Obama focused on Social Media to activate the young voters. His extensive use of Social Media appeared to be the major factor in his victory over John McCain in 2008. Obama had 2 million Facebook friends while McCain had only 600,000. Obama spent millions on advertising in Facebook and Google to grab attention of voters whereas, McCain used television advertisements. Obama focused on Social media sites to pass on the information to the millions of volunteers and to get the donations, the campaign used Social networking sites to connect with voters and supporters. Obama
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