Use of Technology in School

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1.The name and a description of the school, and grade or program observed.
The name of the schools is Sterne School located in San Francisco, California.The school has a philosophy of developing customized learning plans for each of the sixth to twelfth grade students with a focus on their strength areas, while identifying the areas for development and also guiding them on an excellent path in a private and yet supporting atmosphere. 2.A description of the range of children included in the class, including those with and without particular types of exceptionality and/or special needs
Most of the students are perfectly able bodies and of sound mental and physical capabilities. A small number comprises of students with learning disabilities, autism, gifted, blind as well as deaf students are also part of the population.

3.The number and type of personnel who work with/in this class/program, and their particular roles in relation to the class and/or individual children therein
The school has about 80 teaching staff and 40 non-teaching staff members. The students at Sterne School have often succeeded on their path towards the realization of learning discovery on the basis of their very low student-teacher ratio that allows them the opportunity to engage with their students as well as provide highly tailored attention.

4.The basis for selection and placement of a child in the class/program
The children are selected on the basis of the individual strengths and
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