Use of Technology to Fight Crime Essay

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We can count on technology to benefit us in many ways, one way being as a crime-fighting tool. No, science has not yet built us a "Robocop" and we cannot see into the future. Not yet anyways. But science and technology have given us many other incredible and powerful crime-fighting/solving mechanisms. It is not surprising that technological advances are being utilized all over the country, as well as the world, to fight crime by deterring criminals as well as catching them after the act. Throughout history, detectives have searched for the perfect method of catching law breakers. Whether the future of security is through "premises control," "biometrics": fingerprints, prints of retinal patterns, or voiceprints, (Patton, 1995) or forensic …show more content…
According to William Schwabe, in his book Crime-Fighting Technology, with the passing of the DNA Idenfitifcation Act of 1994, the FBI is now authorized to establish DNA indexes for criminals, samples recovered from crime scenes, as well as from unidentified human remains. These are then stored in a database to be analyzed when necessary. 21st century crime labs now more than ever are undergoing rapid development of these DNA databases. Because of this technology, nearly 200 crimes have been solved and "in more than 200 other cases, "the national computer system was able to link DNA from a crime scene in one jurisdiction with DNA from a crime scene elsewhere. Even more shocking is "nationwide, over the past decade, on the basis of DNA testing, 53 people have been released from death row," (47) after having been wrongly accused.

Whether it's theft, espionage, or sabotage, technology will change the way crimes are committed and the way they're combated. With the recent September 11th terrorist attacks, we are exploring new ways to fight crime on the airlines. One way being with a face recognition device as described at website. This new tool will snap a photograph of each individual attempting to enter the aircraft and then search a database of known terrorists/criminals. Other new technologies are also on the rise, including electronic surveillance, remote sensing, and video recordings. While these may make some feel more secure,