Use of Tobacco Products at the University

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Every year around half million people die from smoking tobacco or exposure to secondhand smoke (CDC). Tobacco use is an epidemic that cannot be stopped right away; however, many countries in the world are aware of this problem and have created new regulations that will prevent and reduce the number of smokers, hopefully in time. New polices have been implemented in schools, universities, indoor and outdoor places. Now, smoke-free or tobacco- free laws are posted in almost all colleges around the United States. Texas Wesleyan University is a private institution that finally made its decision to join the agreement of free campus smoking policies, beginning in January 2013. Nevertheless, the institution adopted this polices for three specific …show more content…
Saudi Arabia occupies fourth place globally in smoking tobacco because, people there in Saudi Arabia not allow to drinks alcohol, so smoking is become there intermittent for them. Not focusing only in Saudi student but in general international student they are the highest percentage at Texas Wesleyan University. In this year 2014 most of the companies of tobacco has increased their price for selling tobacco product for making people stop smoking and start thinking to be healthier and save their money. “Some countries giving money or profit for tobacco companies to make them increase their price to help people to quit smoking” (Sloan, Frank A).

The second reason Wesleyan adopted smoking polices was the number of claims from students and faculty. An academic environment and institution should be free of smoking for healthy and prevented purposes. Because, of the great number of students who smoked on campus, complaint’s increased as well as the discomfort of walking around the university without finding a group of students smoking on your way class or the library. According to The Rambler, the student newspaper of TWU, a sophomore biology student named Sitlalyc Palos states, “It gets bothersome when people are standing in the way, and trying to get to class and you have to pass through a cloud of smoke.” Thus, there were people who agreed with Palos on the smoking clouds and butts in the entire University. Certainly, not
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