Use of Virtual Worlds For Military Training Essay

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"There will be new technologies and some of these are predicted. However, principles of learning and teaching at a distance are relatively stable; it is necessary to evaluate the value of each technology for how it contributes to improving the applications of these principles." (Moore & Kearsley, 2005, p. 305) What preeminent and accessible technologies most effectively and efficiently train our soldiers, regardless of schedules and global positions? Alan Davis a former Vice-President of Athabasca University wrote that there are two essentials on which all instructional systems should focus: “the needs of the intended students and the learning outcomes of the course or program”. (Davis, 2004, p. 98) Introduction The U. S.…show more content…
The DOD's vision for the ADL is to harness the power of the Internet and other virtual or private wide-area networks (WANs) to deliver high-quality learning. It brings together intelligent tutors, distributed subject matter experts, real-time in-depth learning management and a diverse array of support tools to ensure a responsive, high-quality “learner-centric” system. To realize this vision, the ADL has tailored its efforts around six strategic functions: to exploit existing network-based technologies; to create platform-neutral, reusable courseware and content to lower costs; to promote widespread collaboration to satisfy common needs; to enhance performance with emerging and next-generation learning technologies; to develop a common framework that drives commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product cycle; and to establish a coordinated implementation process. ( Not long ago, VWs were considered a next-generation learning technology. Today, however, virtual reality (VR) is here. Bates and Poole (2003) discussed VR as simulated experiences. They wrote that “technology is at the point where it can replicate many of the core educational activities that we have assumed in the past could only be done well through direct personal contact between a teacher and student” (p. 73). Second Life (SL) is an example of a VW that the DOD has implemented through

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