Essay on Use of a Portfolio to Assess Students in Math and Science

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Use of a Portfolio to Assess Students in Math and Science For a young child, going off to school can be an intimidating experience. Thoughts of whether the other children will like them, if they will have enough money to buy an ice cream at lunch, or if they will have homework that night overwhelms their minds. However, a major part of schooling is testing, and many children freeze when they hear that word. Think about yourself in a testing situation then imagine what it is like for a young child to feel this defeating anxiety. That is why I am informing you, as fellow committee members, teachers, and learners alike, of these ideas for assessing children in math and science. I hope you will all take the time to think about…show more content…
Solving a non routine math problem, "tends to be complex, often yields multiple solutions, involves naunced judgment and interpretation, involves application of multiple criteria, often involves uncertainty, involves self-regulation of the thinking process, involves imposing meaning, and is effortful" (Bright & Joyner, 1998, p. 7). The question that remains is how do we assess our children so they get the most out of their math and science lessons? When you hear the word test, or assessment, what do you often think of? I know I think of a 50 question multiple-choice test with a certain amount of time to finish it. Does that sound familiar? Unfortunately, I am afraid that is what most people envision when they hear the word "test", even children. One way to assess our children in math and science is to keep testing the same way teachers have been for years. We, as teachers, can pass around a multiple choice test, give the children forty five minutes to complete the test, they can turn it into us, we will grade it, give it back, and the grade they get on their test is how we know what they know and what they don't. Fair? Well, if all you want to see is the student's capability of giving the right answer then yes, this is a good way to test. It shows students know how to memorize the facts they have been taught and apply them when asked by the teacher (Romberg, 1992). Isn't
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