Usefulness Of The Future Managers

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Usefulness to the Future Managers
Over the recent past, many workers have developed a liking for startups over established corporate jobs. The workers do not want to get fixed by rigid laws and hierarchical structure. The trend has both risks and benefits. One of the risks is that the startup organizations do not give proper attention to the human resources. Moreover, the startups may violate one or more aspects of the employment law. The book is useful in training prospective future managers and employers since the workplace discrimination scenario is a rapidly changing issue that requires a more intellectual approach. The risks of violating the discrimination rules are devastating to both the employer and organization. Knowledge is power, and the prospective managers will gain the knowledge surrounding employment discrimination and harassment and are thus informed of the possible penalties for violating such laws. The book also gives the potential managers the ability to interpret the laws governing a certain topic in the contemporary business life. Additionally, the book enlightens the potential managers about the existing legal bodies that address issues such as workplace discrimination. The students can get more information not covered in the classroom or the book from these bodies. One such body is the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The agency has a website that contains the jurisdictions over claims of discrimination in the various
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