User Awareness Regarding Privacy Settings in Social Media Sites - Facebook/ Orkut

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ABSTRACT Privacy of information has turned out to be a paradoxical issue in the information age(Barnes, 2006). One of the prime driving forces to this has been the rise of social networking sites. It is observed that these sites gather considerable amount of information about their users (Baruh, 2007). Research illustrates that social networking users are unaware of their personal information being compromised on both traditional and online commercial marketplace within different companies without prior user consent. However, they still continue to provide their personal details on such sites (Campbell, 2001; Goettke & Christiana, 2007; Govani & Pashley Furthermore, there has been minimal research executed over social graph…show more content…
Search criterion poses another vulnerable threat to Facebook users (Jones & Soltren, 2005., pp 27). From the “advanced search” option, third party users can get access to any genre of information. For instance a student may not want his/her parents or teachers to know that they had “smoked” at a party. Therefore, he hides his profile so that he does not appear in search Results. Now, if a third party actually types in the keyword “smoke”, it will lead him/her to all those data (wall scraps, photos, newsfeed) that has this keyword. In this process, it will still lead him to the student’s names since the string is associated to his name. There are many more factors that can be subjected to the study of threats on privacy rights within the social networking sites (Jones & Soltren, 2005; Govani&Pashley; Warfel, 2008; Goettke&Christiana, 2007). This treatise will now research at understanding whether students are aware of these issues. All viewpoints of students are based on a survey conducted over students aged 18years to 25years old. Related Work Unlike other major social networking sites like Orkut, Bebo, Zebo; Facebook uses the real identity of the users among which about 89% of the names are said to be valid. (Gross & Acquits, 2005). Political rallies are among one of the major activities that takes place onFacebook. Large numbers of users tend to post websites in forms of videos or photo blogging (Stutzman, 2005).
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