Essay on User Manual Critique

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User Manual Critique
September 29, 2011

User Manual Critique

Many technical fields rely on user manuals, operator manuals and technical manuals to do their day to day tasks at work. Without these manuals there would be too much information for one person to know to be able to their job. Accidents, personal or equipment would be more frequent in the work field. That is why manuals are developed, to prevent accidents and to keep people informed of updated information on equipment. So a well-developed and written manual will help a person succeed at their job, which is why someone needs to critique a manual before it is released to the public.
In this essay the critiquing of the user manual for the Black & Decker
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All steps are marked with numbers and all changes in topics are marked with a paragraph heading title.
The reading of each instruction leaves a person with no doubt on what they are supposed to do, and when a step is done and what step to take next. Each topic is short and to the point and clear. Consistency
All paragraphs, heading and graphics are consistent with all material that has been developed in this manual. Graphics are simple and can be easily followed.
Document Design
Graphic’s show a picture of the drill or parts of the drill with arrows and hands showing how to do a particular part, such as inserting the battery on to the drill. If there was any real issue with this manual is that there is not enough white space. Sometimes you can get lost because each paragraph and heading is so close together. The manual though is very organized, with numbering and header separations. All hazards and warning are easily identified with bold lettering, and a safety triangle (or danger sign). This was a black and white manual, so there were no color pictures or graphics, which could lead readers to just skim through the pages and not really read the important information.

I did find the manual very easy to understand and follow, however there are a few things that I think that the writers of this manual could have done. Adding color to the manual does keep the interest of the reader, I found myself wanting to skim through

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