Uses And Uses Of Increase Motivation On Education, Health, And Research

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Gamification defined and uses to increase motivation in education, health and research. Gamification is an important and useful tool used today across many disciplines including education, health and research. It combines play and game design with systems or programs using rules, challenges, and rewards motivating users to engage in traditionally non-gaming environments. This essay discusses the definition of gamification, how it is used in education, health and research to increase motivation, and the limitations of this use. Gamification can benefit many in society to increase motivation, although some caution is advised. The term and concept of gamification is relatively new. The word first being used by Nick Pelling, a British…show more content…
Farmville is defined by a reward system offering points and badges, however there is no skill based challenges or real work which makes these rewards worthwhile. Farmville’s success demonstrates what marketers have been aware of for many years that gamification motivates consumers by engaging the brains rewards system (Totilo, as cited in Hughes & Lacy, 2016). The most recognized use of gamification in recent years claims Lui et al, (as cited in Bowser et al.,2013) could be marketing companies using rewards, however the motivational benefits of using gamified systems is now used in non-corporate environments. In short games are intrinsically motivated played for the enjoyment of the game itself, whereas gamification can motivate behaviors outside the virtual world of games. Student Motivation is a key factor in education to promote leaning, gamification can be a used to increase motivation however there are some limitations educators need to consider. Buckley and Doyle (2016) describe gamified learning applications as using rules to form learning exercises with set limitations in place on the actions allowed, rewards in the form of prizes are gained when goals are met. However, the reward is often not used to reward goals, but to show users’ and other players that the level has been achieved. Furthermore, tracking of progress towards goals also guided by rewards, and feedback is given along the way to
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