Uses And Uses Of Photosynthesis

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Introduction: Photosynthesis is a process that plants use to create glucose by utilizing sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. The pigments in a plant absorb light by way of photosynthesis and each pigment can absorb different colors but will reflect green light because it does not really absorb it. Therefore, plants always appear to have a green color. Plants have four pigments that were tested in this exercise called carotenoids such as carotenes/xanthophyll, also pigments chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b. Chlorophyll a absorbs blue/violet light, chlorophyll b absorbs red/blue light, and carotene absorbs blue-green/violet colors. Oxygen is after product of photosynthesis along with glucose which is used later in cellular respiration.…show more content…
One table was used to describe how photosynthesis would occur with regular white light and one that was covered which measured the rate of cellular respiration. The other table describes the rate of photosynthesis and gross photosynthesis of green/white light. The table for green/white light was measured with accuracy with a volumeter tube. By analyzing the data, it can be confirmed that green light did not perform photosynthesis as fast as white light and white light performed photosynthesis creating oxygen more rapidly than the tube that had no light. Discussion: The second hypothesis on the rate of photosynthesis (green/white light) was correct because the data in the table above states that the rate of photosynthesis (which was measured in volumeters) was higher in the tube that was exposed to white light. The green light produced much slower rate results for photosynthesis because the color was not really absorbed very well. Plants use all colors of light to use photosynthesis except for green light. This means all wavelengths of light are used to make oxygen except for the green wavelength. One source of error in this experiment was the results for photosynthesis with light. The foil kept
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