Uses Of A Foreign Language By Theresa Cha's Dictee

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In the course of reading, the Asian American literature I was particularly amazed by the work done by Theresa Cha in the book Dictee. Despite her Asian origin and the changing of the different places they lived as immigrants, she tried her best to write about art and particularly the poems that have attracted attention by literature scholars. Interesting is her use of mimicry to show the difficulty of speech, her use of international race and nation conflicts to educate the readers as well as her uniting idea of cheap nature of language and culture to show that integration is possible even without the mastery of the native language of a place. In my essay, I endeavour to analyze Cha's use of language in her poems, the stylistic devices she …show more content…

Conversely, some writers have a rare style of writing that the reader may find it difficult to understand the premise of the writer (Kim,166). For example, Cha starts the book on an unpromising note that can repel a reader especially when they find it uninteresting. For example, the use of foreign languages in a single setting can only attract multilingual people since they can comprehend the information that the author wants to pass. In this context, the author uses French language in a form of writing that can be understood as dictation (Cha, 1). In some instances, she mentions groans and bared noises that can be equated to a character speaking. Evidently, the author spells out Inverted commas and full stops and provides translation to English subsequently. At some point, there is direct translation or mistranslation in distinct paragraphs, and this is of assistance to the reader as they can recollect the information to grasp the …show more content…

In fact, most of them are unidentified and the reader may not identify a specific person that speaks in the different chapters. Thus, the audience may understand it is an embodiment of females focusing on structuring the major theme of the book, which is gender inequality. Additionally, the description of the female characters is equivocal such that the reader has to picture the image of the women. Although the author provides various photos in the book, there is absence of an explanation. Before this, the writer only concentrates on telling the story (Kim,165). Additionally, the author uses poetic approach to explain the setting in the book, which gives the novel distinct styles of writing. In fact, the poems are only meant to provide the reader with a description of the mothers and daughters, and this creates a distinction in the narrative. Resultantly, the audience perceives that when a poem appears in the reading, the author is probably narrating the plight of women. Notwithstanding, the novel uses visual art technique to communicate to the audience. in many instances, the author does not provide a description of an individual such that the reader has to imagine the person. In doing so, the readers are in suspense but the author offers a drawing that may be used to demystify the situation. in support of this style, it is apparent that the visual art may have

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