Uses Of Nosql Databases On Insurance Industry

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Uses of NoSQL Databases in Insurance industry in USA 11/29/2015 Introduction The No SQL is applied in the insurance industry to allow the handling of the dynamic client data and the combination of policy using all forms of the object and attributes relationship. The No SQL apply the application of the World Wide Web services layer to allow the No SQL server render the best view of the data. The No SQL exists in different platforms and types to support the diversity of the different insurance agencies and policies. The types of the No SQL include the Hadoop, High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) and Dremel. The No SQL The No SQL refers to the original non-SQL or the non-relational database. The No SQL has the definition as the type…show more content…
The No SQL allows retrieving of data and information allowing the viewing of the customer information as a single record. The managers of the insurance company have the capability of using the No SQL to retrieve the data concerning the group policy and the individual policy simultaneously without requiring data and information normalization (Tiwari, 2011). The No SQL stores data and information amounting to more than 100 billion documents per every financial year (Kuznetsov, & Poskonin, 2014). The No SQL allows scaling of the data and information to support the trillions of the data and information documents stored in a year. The No SQL has a high potential for enhancing the compressing of data and information to support the accumulation of huge amount of data and information. The insurance company presents huge documents representing hundreds of terabytes. The No SQL flexible mode creates different attributes of file presentation depending on the business and the policy information. The No SQL provides the insurance managers with the massive horizontal scaling of data and information that guarantee a high level of security (Kuznetsov, & Poskonin, 2014). The No SQL provides extensible backend platform with the high level capacity to transform the data for storage in the virtual storage space. The No SQL has the attribute of combining
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