Uses and Abuses of Internet

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The Uses & Abuses Of Internet

The Internet started out as a small military experiment some 35 yearsago, the Internet is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of communication. There is a present population of about 40 million usersworld wide, and it seems to have a very promising future. The Internetis uncensored and almost impossible to monitor, it is a breeding groundfor all sorts of offensive and derogatory information. On the other hand,it is probably the biggest single source of data in the world broughthome into your personal computer. Will this form of communicationsurvive in the future, or will it simply die out as many others have in thepast? The RAND CORPORATION built the first nodes of the Internet36 years ago, and
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Thisis going to be a debate for the future, one that could determine if theInternet has a future. While just like everything has its advantages andflaws the same way Internet has created advantages & problems for theusers. Internet has shrunk the vast societies into a global village. Peoplearound the world interact with one another through various chatrooms, people from various countries interact with one another to knowabout their societies, gain information, their lifestyle, their culturalnorms, day-to-day updates about whets happening in the world.Internet is the main of information people can gain information rangingfrom big issues to minor day-to-day information. People can log on tothe Internet to seek out information about religion. Housewife canbrowse to download recipes; people read the latest news on Internet canget information about the best institutes in a country. Internet users canshare their views and expression by joining chat rooms through whichthey can give info regarding a problem can debt about the globaleconomy and the latest crisis. Internet has solved the problem of the distance gap, which used to use to hinder the problem of timely deliveryof documents or information. E-mail the Internet mail deliverytechnology helps firms and organization to place orders and receivestock orders within seconds. A country like Pakistan ordering productsfrom far way countries had the problem of waiting too long for therequired

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