Uses of Personality Testing

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Personality Testing Personality testing is used in many areas of psychology. Organizational psychologists use personality testing to determine fitness for employment positions; clinical psychologists may use the tests in the treatment of their clients; and school psychologists as well as school counselors may use the tests in career counseling with their students. In addition, individuals may use these test to discover information about their own personalities. While the use of these is fairly widespread; the validity of these assessments remains a controversial issue, especially since they typically require the subject being tested to self-report a response. This paper will compare two such assessments: a version of the Myers-Briggs Types Inventory (MBTI), the Reinhold Cognitive Style Inventory, and the Big Five inventory which assesses the Big Five Personality Traits. Finally, it will examine the convergent validity of these two inventories. The MBTI sorts people into groups based on their preferences for mental processes and mental orientations (Reinhold, 2011). Reinhold explains that there are two mental processes for which people have preferences. The first is how we take in information, and the second is how we make decisions. According to the MBTI, people either take in information by sensing (S) or by intuition (I), and people make decisions by either thinking (T) or feeling (F). The two mental orientations for which we have preferences are Energy Orientation and
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