Uses of a College Education Essay

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Uses of a College Education

Is there really a difference between common sense and book sense? In general, common sense is that sixth sense or that survival intuition that has been given to every animal on earth. Therefore, common sense is literally an instinct or an advanced understanding about one’s surroundings. Many people think of common sense as intuition or wisdom that comes from living a life that exposes one to many different experiences and circumstances. On the other hand, book sense can be derived from the same experiences and circumstances as common sense, but there is a difference. Book sense is learning and analyzing other people’s intuition or wisdom. Many of the courses we learn in college are not based on our
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There were two men. One of the men lived in the projects. He was born and reared in urban Chicago. He lived a life that many people popularized through music and on television. He was exposed to drugs, prostitution, destitution, and crime. He barely finished high school because he had to work to support his family. His everyday life consisted of dodging bullets and keeping his family together. He was a proud man, and he worked very hard to keep his family together. The streets he came from were mean and hard, but he survived them. He had to be quick and very smart to survive life in the ghetto.

The other man was your typical educated white-collar executive who never had to worry about anything. He came from a well-to-do family and lived the life of a privileged class kid. The man knew a lot because he studied at the best schools. He was well groomed, highly articulated, and graduated top in his class. After working a full day, the man played golf and enjoyed a favorite meal at his favorite restaurant.

The two men lived two totally different lifestyles. Who would you pick to be the most educated between the two men? Many people would consider the privileged class executive. The two cases illustrate differences between book sense and common sense. The white-collar executive went to college and acquired an education. However, college cannot teach anyone about life experiences if they have not been previously exposed to them. The
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