Essay on Uses of the Human Genome Research Project

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So what is a human genome and why is the government researching it? The Human genome is the sequence of roughly 20,000 genes that make up human Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), or the building blocks that tell cells what to do. The government project named Human Genome Project (HGP) started in 1990’s, and is trying to unravel the 3 billion chemical base pairs in a DNA strand ( DNA is made up of phosphates, sugars and amino acids, Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Cytosine(C) and Guanine (G). Each amino acid is paired with its opposite, A is always paired with T and C with G. These pairing in a specific order make codes…show more content…
So you could prevent a disease by early detection, environmental changes, or by use of vaccines (Walker, pg 46-47.) For example there is a study trying to prevent peanut allergies, by removing the allergy gene in the peanuts. Thus there will not be anymore life threatening reactions to peanut consumption. This could mean that many people could get the protein in peanuts without adverse reactions (Fridell, pg 12.) The DNA sequence can be used in forensics, to solve crimes. DNA is left at the crime scene, in the form of dead skin, saliva, or hair and can be analyzed to identify the suspects. In some cases the evidence can convict or even free a suspect. Since DNA is unique it can help to convict criminals, and free innocent persons. This method is called DNA fingerprinting; just like fingerprints each person has unique DNA. When a person is arrested their DNA is taken and mapped. This map is then compared to the evidence and it can, in many cases, solve the crime. For example in the book “The Making of the Fittest” a 1996 murder trail was overturned. “In 1979 Dianna Green, nine months pregnant, was severely beaten and her unborn child died from the trauma. Even though she had amnesia and could not spell her name at trail, she testified that her husband, Kevin Green, had inflicted her injuries. Green was convicted of murder and attempted murder. In 1996 workers
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