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USF Contemporary Art Museum : Visit Artwork Analysis

Admission: FREE, but USF parking permits are required and available in the CAM parking lot.

“Untitled #4” was created by Larry Bell in 1974. This artwork is found in USF Contemporary Art Museum in Tampa, Florida. It stands 84" x 42" inches tall. This is a series of five color screen print with flocking. This piece is a screen print painting.
When I look at this work I saw a print of a nude distorted woman posing. The perception is manipulated to look like she is coming out of her body or maybe reflecting in a spiritual state. Its silkscreen and thick pink flocking looks like it was made of glitter but I looked closer I can tell it’s just an illusion created by velvet- like material called flocking. It’s 2-D art, but it’s like the carnival “funhouse” mirrors, distorting the reflection image.
The median and tools are screen print. The technique used to create the artwork is a new style called “Finish Fetish”, which are high glossed polish and velvet surfaces. This was a reflection of Los Angeles aesthetic of Hollywood and technology. Larry Bell used a motorized camera that can photograph at 360 degrees. By using this camera, he achieved distortion by the movement of his camera with opened shutters. This enhances the “funhouse effect” of the nude women. The silkscreen and thick pink flocking gave it a hint of the sixties psychedelic feel.
Evaluating this image, the form or organization of this art is the camera
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