Using 3d Printing Have Come Into The World Of Technology

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Recently there have been various articles on interesting things that have been made through printing. And in particular, objects created through the use of 3D printing have come into the world of technology. The reason I believe that this technological trend is interesting because the objects that are being printed here are microscopic.When created, these materials would be used to make essential things like biological tissue. With all the medical issues that impact our world today, any new innovation that seem to create another medical alternative seems like a great idea. This is an example of technology that affects others because later on it can provide those without medical options another alternative.This could do so much for the world of medicine and better the health of individuals. But what is it exactly? And what can it help?

According to Britannica (2015), 3D printing, or three-dimensional printing, is “any of several processes for fabricating three-dimensional objects by layering two-dimensional cross sections sequentially, one on top of another.” This process includes “analogous to the fusing of ink or toner onto paper in a printer (hence the term printing) but is actually the solidifying or binding of a liquid or powder at each spot in the horizontal cross section where solid material is desired. In the case of 3D printing, the layering is repeated hundreds or thousands of times until the entire object has been finished throughout its vertical dimension”("3D…
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