Using A Cloud Based System

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The power of Internet grows drastically when people, data and things are interconnected through the Internet. Internet of Things aka IoT, is a network of things or objects implanted with sensors and other smart electronic devices which enables them to communicate with each other and other targets in the network through exchange of data.
These sensors generate a lot of data that needs to be stored, managed and analyzed. There are options to connect memory cards or computers to these sensors or we can integrate the sensors in to devices with further networking capabilities. Most of the applications of IoT use a cloud-based system to store and analyze data. The applications of IoT is so vast that we can expect these things to generate massive amounts of data which has to be gathered, stored and processed quickly and efficiently. The advantages of using a cloud-based system is that it is scalable and the data is easily accessible through appropriate web applications. By the end of this project, the goal is to design and set up a unix cloud-based server to store and visualize sensor data that was collected, through a web interface.


1.1 What is IoT?
1.2 Why IoT matters?
1.3 Components of IoT
1.4 Applications
1.5 Criticism and challenges
1.6 Why this project?
2 Design and set up 2.1 Overview 2.2 Components 2.3 Data Visualization


1.1 What is IoT?

Internet of Things aka IoT is a network of things or objects implanted with sensors…
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