Using A Human Centered Design Research Approach, The Emotional Impact On Cancer Patients

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Articles for Review Research methodologies are an important part of product creation particularly in design where humans use products, environments and digital experiences throughout their lives. Below are three articles up for discussion. Each article approaches design research methodologies in analysing different scenarios. The first article investigates, using a Human Centred Design research approach, the emotional impact on cancer patients within a healthcare environment. (Mullaney, 2012 p 27). The second investigation, from a social and psychological research point of view, dives into symbolic meaning and user experience relating the two concepts. The case studies use the sentence completion method on participants to gather data…show more content…
Retrieving methods and theories from other areas and disciplines such as science and psychology, this allowed different insights and evaluation into the study. In conclusion, the success of the research allowed suggestions about using HCD to broaden the “solution space” within the healthcare environment. (Mullaney, 2012, p 37). This paper evaluated symbolic meaning to be interpreted into a designed product or experience. The ambition is to pull apart symbolic meaning to reveal connections with design and its users. (Kujala, S., Nurkka, P. 2012, p15). Through verified observation on two case studies, one a sports heart monitor and the other a plastic plate collection, it examines sentence completion to assess users symbolic meaning. Referring to reviewed literature for research purposes, the paper analyses the interview process as a method to identify the symbolic meaning the user has with a product or experience. It indicated that perhaps a more in-depth analysis was needed therefore a specific research method may be appropriate. The reviews revealed the challenges in symbolic meaning evaluations, therefore they approached these challenges by introducing the sentence completion technique to two case studies. Data triangulation becoming evident in this analysis from the use of secondary research and the sentence completion study conducted. The main objection being the possibility
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