Using A Mixed Methods Approach

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Methodology Research Design In this proposed study, the researcher will use a mixed methods approach (Jack, Norman & Helen, 2012). Jack, Norman & Helen define a mixed method as a procedure for both quantitative and qualitative data at some stage of the research process, to understand a research problem more completely (Jack, Norman & Helen, 2012). Jack, Norman & Helen (2012) define qualitative research as “research studies that investigate the quality of relationships, activities, situations, or materials” (p. 426). In a qualitative research, people use more explanatory data, and data are collected in the form of words and description rather than numbers and statistics. A qualitative research is a method of analyzing, and interpreting data by observing what people do and say (Jack, Norman & Helen, 2012). In contrast to qualitative researches, a quantitative research is a formal, objective, systematic process in which numerical data are used to obtain information about the world (Burns & Grove, 2005). Data of the quantitative research is in numerical form such as statistics, and percentages. The goal for mixed method is that the quantitative data and results provide a general picture of the research problem, while the qualitative data and its analysis will refine and explain those statistical results by exploring participants’ views in more depth. For example, in the current study researcher collects questionnaires for students to get data. And then the researcher
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