Using A Polymer As A Material For Carbon Dioxide

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Regev Trigalo 10/29/15 ENG 199 HW#3: Simplified Literature Review on Research Topic My research involves the synthesizing polyamine starting from readily available building blocks—namely ethylene and carbon monoxide—and then using that to capture carbon dioxide, an undesirable greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming, from industrial processes. Currently, liquid amines are used industrially and while they are quite effective, they are costly, toxic, are not very recyclable, and degrade quickly. The novel use of a polymer as a material for this purpose could solve many of these issues. I chose three articles to review to get a better understanding of the current work being done in the field. The first, Absorbent Materials for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Large Anthropogenic Point Sources by Christopher Jones gives an overview of materials currently being used to capture carbon dioxide—what I am attempting to do with polyamine. The second, Steam-Stripping for Regeneration of Supported Amine-Based CO2 Adsorbents, also by Jones, is a communications that discusses regeneration of the amine once it has been used for carbon dioxide capture. The third by Maschmeyer entitled The Reductive Amination of Aldehydes and Ketones and the Hydrogenation of Nitriles: Mechanistic Aspects and Selectivity Control relates to the reaction I am doing (reductive amination of a polyketone). Furthermore, a review article will be particularly good for my purposes because it will attempt to

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