Using A Service Learning Approach For Teaching Geometry And Measurement

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Using a Service-Learning Approach to Teach Geometry and Measurement A lack of motivation and engagement are two of the main factors that impact many of today’s middle grades classrooms. With all of the technological advancements made in the past few decades, our societies teaching and learning styles have changed. This generation of students are oftentimes thought of as lazy, entitled, and needing immediate gratification. Perhaps they are rebelling against the traditional “skills and drills” of educational practices by refusing to complete assignments and disengaging in classroom activities. This may be their way engaging in protest and if challenged to put their deliver their message via Snapchat or Instagram, I bet they would tell us that they are bored. The world is changing in the way that we communicate, and learn so we as educators need to be on par with and change the way we educate. As students get older and become more independent, they need to be exposed to an educational environment where they are learning through discovery, learning for a purpose, and their learning needs to have meaning. Service learning is a great way to implement all of these aspects into our educational experiences. The activity in the article, “Understanding Geometry and Measurement through Service Learning,” by: Susan C Gillmor and Samantha A. Rabinowicz, engages students in a Service-Learning activity where students were challenged to expand their knowledge of volume and surface

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