Using A Simple Tool Of Technology Like Blackboard Essay

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Education and technology have been working together in the recent years in the world. Technology does not already apply to education in the Arab world, particularly in rich countries such as Saudi Arabia. After class, students have trouble communicating with teachers to discuss their classes or submit assignments. Therefore, I decided to start a project of how to apply using a simple tool of technology like blackboard in higher education in S.A I am trying to enter this technology (blackboard) to higher education to development in these schools. Moreover, this is important because teachers have more time that can let students prepare more online sources and materials to facilitate the learning process. As well, it enhances the quality of evaluating learning performance. Also, this can help teachers and educators to find effective ways to improve and develop the education of the learners in the future.

In this technological time, it is easy to find the influence of the computer, the internet, and online programs in human life. The influences are obvious in every subject and issue in education. Much research has been done and based on a short look, it is clear that there are many articles published on the topic of education and technology. My plan is using Blackboard in higher education in Saudi Arabia to develop school.
Blackboard helps teachers to assign and at the same time track classroom work and progress. In traditional face- to- face
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