Using A Spinning Centrifuge On Earth

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gradually heating the ship and leading to a host of mechanical issues that could have an effect the steering, spinning, or integrity of the ship itself. This theoretical example was actually tested to see the effects of simulating gravity for humans through use of a spinning centrifuge on Earth. The experiment’s design was to determine whether or not the subjects would develop an symptoms of AMS or acute motion sickness. (Antonutto, 1992) The researchers discovered that none of the subjects developed any symptoms as a result of the substitution of centripetal force for gravitational force.(Antonutto, 1992) This gives a lot of hope for that method of combatting muscular atrophy, spinal disk elongation, and the other previously mentioned effects, but this seems very resource intensive to implement on all future designs, there is also very low practicality in this design. Every portion of the ship would need to be build orientated along the interior curve of the ship. This would be very disorientating for taking off and landing with proper orientation to the ground. There is another method of ensuring an astronaut’s simulation of gravity to prevent the reversible side effects of weightlessness. Instead of making the entire vessel emulate gravity through centripetal force, there is available technology that can create a force to act on the individual. It is an exercise method and accompanying apparatus that claims to reduce muscular atrophy and loss of bone density more
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