Using Alternative Fuels For Cars

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There are many different types of alternate fuels for cars at our disposal, such as Ethanol, Natural Gas, Electricity, and Hydrogen Fuels. We can use these fuels instead of normal gasoline fuels that pollute our air and contribute to destroying our environment. Many of these alternative fuels may be less convenient to use, because they are less accessible. However, if people decide to use these fuels then they can make our world a green friendly world. There this a ton of upside to using alternative fuels, according to Larry West’s article on the top eight alternative fuels, as they can help nations become more energy independent. In addition, there are several downsides or challenges associated with alternative fuels for cars, such as…show more content…
At its low price it’s much more affordable then most fuels making it a good option. There a lot of positive sides to using ethanol but there an also a few negative things it can produce when used or even made. Ethanol is a good alternative fuel but there is negative things that come with it. Ethanol requires a bunch of corn, barley, and wheat to make (Meyers, 2014). Which in turn could be used to feed starving people all over the world. Using corn, barley, and wheat hinders food availability and even the prices of the food. The new York times has stated that using ethanol actually decreases gas mileage. Ethanol gives you 2-3 miles less than normal gasoline (West, 2014). Ethanol can also break down faster than normal gasoline. Meaning that ethanol can cause rust of the car engine. Making ethanol can actually pollute the air a bunch because of all the gasoline it requires to power the tractors and machines that gather the required material to make it. Ethanol has negative impacts on our environment but overall it has more positives then negatives and makes a good alternative fuel. Natural Gas is another alternative fuel option that has a bunch of positive sides to it. Using natural gas produces lower negative emissions that pollute the air. Natural gas produces less smog then your normal gasoline that everyone uses. Natural gas is helping America as a nation to use clean environmental friendly energy sources. Using natural gas can reduce the probability of
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