Using Appropriat Non-Verbal Behavior Of Patients

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In chapter 5, the author gave information about the relationship that makes a difference to communication in healthcare to the people who are involved with healthcare and its outcomes. In contrast, both building the relationship and providing structure are continuous threads that occur throughout the interview. Also, building the relationship is a task that is easily taken for granted or forgotten. Forging a relationship with the patient is central to the success of every consultation whatever the context. Building the relationship is also the entry point to a longer term view of medical practice than we have considered so far. Then patients wish their doctors to be competent and knowledgeable but they also need to be able to…show more content…
Also, the outher gave some point about what to teach and learn about building the relationship, the evidence for the skills. Then the author talked about using appropriat non- verbal communication two intimately related aspects of non- verbal communication require consideration: the non- verbal behavioure of patients, and the non- verbal behaviour of doctors. Then exapline what the different between verbal and non- verbal communication: verbal communication is discrete with clear endpoints we know when the massage has come to an end, and non- verbal communcation can work to accent, qualify, regulate, take the place of or contradict verbal communication. In most circumstances, verbal and non- verbal communication work togather to reinforce one
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