Using Art For A Message

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Hannah Tierney
18 November 2016
Using Art to Send a Message
For centuries people have used art as a way to express the political views, or used artistic movements to express certain ideals. This can be seen in the idealized art of the Ancient Greeks, who strived to perfect the balance between man and nature, and portray harmony, balance, and democracy. In Nazi Germany, Hitler showcased art that was “un-German,” anything reflecting Jewish or communist ideology, was displayed in the Degenerate art show. This movement was used as propaganda; Hitler showed the public all the art that was not German. Today, many artists mock the commercialization of the art world and society itself using “pop-art” and othrr consumer trends in their work.
In Ancient Greece, philosophy and ideology shaped the views of the people living in the first democratic state. The Greeks never established a single nation; instead, they lived in city-states, and democracy began in Polis, later known as Athens. In Athens, artists strived to perfect their work and align it to the beliefs of the philosopher Pythagoras of Samos, who believed everything was based on mathematics and purification . The Ancient Greeks used their art to promote political, military, and religious ideology, depicting battle their victorious battles as though they were fought by the gods. The art of Ancient Greece was centered around religion and perfecting the balance between man, nature, and the divine.
This mentality led to the
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