Using Bluetooth Phones And Bluetooth Devices

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Car wrecks happen often in Texas, and many of these are due to distractions such as screaming kids, flashing of lights, or plain just freak distractions such as a deer darting across the road. Cell phone usage however is a large cause of wrecks and is an unacceptable excuse for a wreck. The negligence does not stop there. The usage of Bluetooth devices that pair and sync to your cars audio system also contributes to driver inattention. According to the Daspit Law Firm, ( more than eighty two thousand wrecks have been caused by inattention. The chances of a driver wrecking is even greater when the he/she is texting. Texting while driving increases the likelihood of wrecking four times over. Although many drivers claim they can multi-task, car wrecks are still caused daily due to cell phone use and/or Bluetooth devices because it distracts drivers from the road. Cell phones and Bluetooth devices should be muted or put out of sight to lessen temptation to use them because using these objects can lead to serious injury, lawsuits, prison time, and even death. The problem that the usage of cell phones and Bluetooth devices pose are extremely dangerous. Using these devices distract the driver from the road, and can limit the drivers attention to objects and signs in their surroundings. A driver that looks down for just a second to answer the phone or answer a text at sixty miles per hour travels on average roughly 88 feet or a sixteenth of a mile.
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