Essay on Using Bots and Automation Can Be Akin to Spamming

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Why is automation and bots so dangerous? I will explain why this can be so difficult for us to not use these features and why this should not be used. Many people use automation to help them post items on Twitter and other multimedia websites. When this is done, most of the time there is no human interaction. Most of the time with games like World of Warcraft you will see players farming for gold, there is a good chance the player is botting. One of the reasons that we get a lot of spam, is from the people that designed the bot to exploiting the tools that are made to help perform our jobs. A prime example of this, is a report that you need to have sent out via email every morning at 8:00 am, this is considered automation. Then someone…show more content…
I was reading an article about, Using Bots and Automation Can Be Akin to Spamming, it demonstrates
“Growth has slowed for Twitter, and it's obvious that they have a spam and bot problem. When five percent of users are responsible for 75 percent of all tweets, you know there is a little too much automation going on” (Adam).In other words, Adam argues that bots and automation is very dangerous. And so, we should embrace the idea of stepping up the security and stop these attacks.
Bots and Macros can become sources of hacking tools. I was reading an article about, When Does a Tool Become Black Hat, it emphasizes “The regular black hats had their bots and macros, but as the lines blurred between the capabilities of a tool like TweetDeck and a bot like Tweet Adder, regular users began taking advantage of programs that were explicitly allowed, although limited, in Twitter's end-user license agreement.”(Adam).Adam’s point is that any tool designed today can become a hacking tool if use improperly. Ultimately, what is at stake here is that if we do not crack down on all the bots and tools that are being made we are in a world of hurt.
Twitter allows for bots and multiple accounts, but discourages spamming. Automating your Tweets is more common than most people think, and example of this is the feeds of your own blog, it affirms “You have to grant access to third-parties before they can post to your account or perform other actions on behalf of your account, like

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