Using Branding And Co Branding Opportunities For Lenovo

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1a. Fill in the spreadsheet using the information given. 1b. Briefly explain the results of the spreadsheet. After examining the results of the spreadsheet it looks as though the launch of the tablet will be a success. Development costs are high in the beginning, but there are enough units sold throughout the ten year period to compensate for the high cost to release the new tablet. The NPV of $91,307,397.18 shows financial health in the ten year period during the release of the tablet as well as after. The NPV also reveals that the profit from the tablet has a high return. 2a. Determine the key approaches that you will use in order to incorporate branding and co-branding opportunities for Lenovo. The key approach used for the new…show more content…
Briefly describe the strategy for leveraging the current Lenovo brands with the new tablet product. The current Lenovo brands will work with the new tablet product by giving the same brand messaging. Current products will also be advertised to enrich the lives of the consumer by using Message Engineering. Lenovo will be presented to the consumer as a lifestyle brand. The genius of Apple as a brand is that it has come to embody a lifestyle that resonates with their customers, (Cuneo, 2003.) In order to compete with brands like Apple, Lenovo will need to incorporate previous products to work with the new tablet. The idea is not about technology, but how that technology can enrich the everyday life of the consumer. 2b. Propose a strategy for advertising the new tablet with other countries. Lenovo will continue to use Message Engineering in the advertising of the new tablet globally. Products are purchased in order to fill the void that is created by a want or need of the consumer. Message Engineering will work with all people as it will play on the psychology in advertising and continue the goal to make Lenovo a lifestyle brand. Determine whether the content of ads would be similar to the standardized ads geared toward other work markets or if the ads should be customized for a new country. Briefly explain the answer. The content of the ads will be a localized strategy that is
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